It’s smoking… – 2/29/2008

The Campbell Cigar Store held its monthly cigar party on Feb. 15 with Gurkha Cigars being represented. The event was hosted by Shawna Williams, Gurkha’s regional sales manager, and Nazih Alannous, the storeowner. Special thanks to Jolly Bimbachi for organizing the event.

Gurkha offers a variety of cigars from either Nicaragua, Honduras, or the Dominican Republic wrapped in Connecticut leafs. All the cigars were packaged in boxes that were very colorful and well designed. People who attended the event were given one free cigar to smoke as Williams explained the quality of each cigar. At the end of the event a raffle was held and the winner received a Gurkha clock.

Out of the many cigars available, three were randomly chosen to be reviewed based on their odor, taste, quality of lighting it and price. All cigars were cut using a cutter, lit with a match and smoked at Orchard Valley Coffee Shop in Downtown Campbell.

Price: $9*
Pro: It’s good to smoke when you’re at a party or just wanting to relax.
Cons: Too strong from some people.
Information: The G3 is made of three layers of legro (the top of the tobacco plant) grown in Nicaragua and aged for a few years. Experience: Rarely have I ever finished a cigar close to the end. It had a great taste to it and the odor was good too.
Verdict: This is an excellent cigar to enjoy no matter what the occasion is. It gives of a good odor when you’re puffing and has a nice taste to it. It burns well and it won’t go out if you’re not smoking it for a short amount of time. It’s a cigar that you’re guaranteed to smoke all the way and its sold at an affordable price. However it might be too bold for people who don’t smoke cigars as much. Score: 4/5

Grand Reserve
Price: $20*
Pro: It has a sweet odor and very durable.
Cons: The price might be a burden and the case might be difficult to open.
Information: The Grand Reserve is Gurkha’s flagship cigar. It is made with tobacco grown in Ecuador aged from seven to eight years, wrapped in Connecticut leafs and moisturized in cognac for 90 days to give it a natural sweetness.
Experience: When I tried to open the case, it broke and the cigar was slightly damaged. Yet the small hole did not affect the cigar and so I was able to smoke it as if nothing happened. That is something rare I have seen in a cigar. The odor from the smoke attracted people sitting around me.
Verdict: This is an excellent cigar to smoke for any one. Nobody will be able to resist its sweet odor. Its also very durable and even with a small hole, you could smoke it without a problem. Yet its high price suggests it’s something you would smoke on a special occasion. Score: 4.5/5

Black Dragon
Price: $16*
Pro: Very mellow cigar to enjoy.
Cons: Too strong and pricey.
Information: The Black Dragon is Gurkha’s newest cigar released in late 2007. It’s made from a mix of dark rich tobacco from Connecticut and Cameroon. Experience: When smoking the Black Dragon, all I wanted to do was just sit back and relax.
Verdict: This is an excellent cigar to smoke when you just want to relax or talk. However it’s too strong for people who don’t smoke often or have a low tolerance for cigars. The price might also be a problem for some thus making the G3 a better alternative. Score: 3.5/5

So if you ever want to take a break from all the hardships in life, get a cigar, sit down and seize the moment.

*All prices exclude tax

Published for La Voz Weekly
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