Cheap Eats for under $5 – 3/11/2008

Nine out of 10 doctors agree: students need to eat. But with a job that just breaks minimum wage, what’s a student to do? Read on, pupil.

The Book Store
Location: Student and Community Services Building
Recommended Dish: The most excellent Power Bar Second
Choice: Beef jerky or chips
Healthiness: 2 (out of 5), or maybe even less depending on what you pick.
Service: 4 (out of 5)
The Verdict: The book store is for when you need a fast meal and/or are extremely late to class. When you need to eat something that could satisfy you and you’re in a hurry, stop by the book store for a quick meal. We only recommend the bookstore as a last resort.

Hinson Campus Center (aka the cafeteria)
Location: The main quad
Recommended Dish: Chicken Caesar Wrap Second Choices: Salad or pasta.
Healthiness: 3.5
Service: 4
The Verdict: You get a good lunch when you don’t want to leave school. The cafeteria has some meals that are both cheap and healthy. There are also the typical burgers, which are horrible and too pricey, encouraging you to eat the healthy meals.

Togo’s Sandwiches
Location: Across the street on Stevens Creek Boulevard
Recommended Dish: #8
Second Choice: Daily soup
Healthiness: 5
Service: 1.5
The Verdict: The soup is cheap and a regular sandwich is only $4.95. However, if you can afford it, drive to the Togo’s down Prospect Road at Lawrence Expressway. It’s the same Togo’s feel only with better service.

Published for La Voz Weekly
Original Link: Cheap Eats for under $5


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