Comedy for cancer: De Anza College alumnus, Cops Care Cancer Foundation host stand-up – 2/12/2009

Laughter is sometimes the best medicine. The stand-up show in the Morris Dailey Auditorium at San Jose State University Jan. 30 was more than just another comedy act on a Friday night. It was also an act of charity to benefit cancer patients.

The event was set up by local production company Clownshoe Entertainment with the cooperation of the Cops Care Cancer Foundation and support from SJSU’s radio station 90.5 KSJS, along with SJSU’s Jewish Student Union.

The doors opened at 7 p.m. with 25 percent of the proceeds from the $15 ticket being donated to the Cops Care Cancer Foundation.

The event was hosted by one of the comics, Sammy Obeid, winner of the San Jose Improv Comedy Competition. The other comics included local comedian Jim Panetta, president of Clownshoe Entertainment and a De Anza College alumnus, along with headliners Brad Williams from “Mind of Mencia” and Bret Ernest from “Vince Vaughn’s Wild West Comedy Show.”

The show began about a half hour late, at 8:30, due to people slowly trickling in. Sixty five people attended.

First up was Obeid, whose humor reflected growing up in Fremont, along with life in the Bay Area. After his routine, Obeid introduced Panetta onto the stage.

Panetta captivated the audience with his raw humor. He focused on politics, the economy and his family, using the signature style he is known for.

After Panetta’s performance, a raffle with a fruit basket prize was offered by 90.5 KSJS. The winner was Rochelle Farlow, a San Jose State alumnus, who heard about the show from the Metro.

Next up was Williams, whose humorous performance centered on his dwarfism, while taking a few moments to joke about Barack Obama.

Ernest delivered the final performance of the night, entertaining the audience with the routine that fans know and remember from “Vince Vaughn’s Wild West Comedy Show.” Unfortunately, there were some technical problems with the CD player during his “Roller Skate” routine.

After the show, audience members had the opportunity to meet Williams and Ernest for an autograph or photo opportunity along with the chance to purchase a DVD copy of “Rockstars of Comedy” and t-shirts.

The Cops Care Cancer Foundation is a charity established by Brian Simuro, a San Jose Police officer and cancer survivor, to help and support people and families affected by the disease.

The organization has been collaborating for a year with Clownshoe Entertainment to set up comedy shows in the Bay Area to raise awareness for cancer.

Written for La Voz Weekly
Original Article: Comedy for cancer: De Anza College alumnus, Cops Care Cancer Foundation host stand-up


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