South Park opens up about the other “F-Word” – 11/4/2009

South Park has gone off and said what many people for some time have felt, using the other” F Word” dose not always refer to anyone who is LGBT.

First, anyone can agree that people who ride motorcycles with loud engines are just the most unbearable human beings in the world. They just can’t get a clue that the engine noise is borderline ear rape.

For this they became the safe target when Trey Parker and Matt Stone decide to break the taboo that clouds the other “F-word”.

It has been used since the 20th Century as a derogatory slur toward the LGBT community. But as times have changed so too has the symbolism of the word. Today we privately use it to describe an individual that act extremely ridiculous or obnoxious and are inconsiderate of others with in their surroundings.

Think about it? How often dose a sane individual uses the word “fag” to describe a person with an unbearable ring-tone, anyone who raises the volume on their car stereo, or someone who cries about an issue that is redundant. Obviously all these scenarios involve an action that is obnoxious and inconsiderate from the guilty party.

Yet we still have a taboo of not to use the word because its felt to be the equivalence of the N-word. The difference however is that the definition of the N-word has not changed since its creation while the other F word’s meaning has changed overtime.

To no surprise, crossing into such territories is not new for Parker and Stone as they showed audiences how as time has passed, the defenition of the other ” ‘F’ word” has changed.

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Original Article: South Park opens up about the other “F-Word”


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