As the World Burns: Total Security Abomination – 1/20/2010

National Security met a major blow when a terrorist was able to board Northwest Airlines Flight 253 and almost ruin Christmas for many families. Passengers prevented a holiday of terror from taking place.

Now the Obama Administration is wondering how terrorist Umar Farouk Adbulmutablla (whose actions had been reported for years by American Intelligence, British Intelligence and Adbulmutablla’s father) was able to board an American airliner with a bomb.

The reality is not so shocking if one just examines how effective the Transportation Security Administration, along with the “No-Fly List,” has been after 9/11.

It was not too long ago that the TSA posted its manual online, allowing anyone to examine how the TSA operates. This is also the same agency with operatives that have frisked babies, sexually humiliated and harassed passengers (like Mandi Hamlin in Lubbock, Texas), failed to detect fake bombs in random tests, been caught sleeping on the job and have been responsible for various luggage theft.

Basically, the TSA is nothing more than a government funded mall cop service with operatives who have the apathy of the Department of Motor Vehicles. So its no surprise that Adbulmutablla was able to get pass their “heightened vigilance.”

The only proper solution would be to reorganize and retrain TSA into a real law enforcement unit. This would mean that for someone to become a TSA operative they would need the same requirements as becoming a police officer and receive the same training along with additional skills for them to do their job properly.

Or, just abolish the TSA and hand over the responsibility of airline security to local law enforcement and the National Guard. They have the proper training, years of experience and the mature attitude of not giggling when some one is being frisked.

Next is the effectiveness of the “No-Fly List.” In theory it’s suppose to ban anyone from flying on a commercial airline that is singled out as a threat. As an example of those that had been listed on the “No Fly List” during the Bush Administration were the late Ted Kennedy, folk singer Cat Stevens, an American soldier, several air marshals, and numerous children under the age of 5.

Obviously, airline security hasn’t changed much since 9/11 with the exception of a list used to harass the administrations’ political enemies. America was lucky once, but what’s stopping another terrorist from smuggling a bomb past a mall cop who is too busy giggling at a porn magazine?

If this is how airport security will continue to function, then buckle up for the ride and watch the world burn.

Published for La Voz Weekly
Original Link: As the World Burns: Total Security Abomination


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