Why gun control is a threat to democracy – 2/8/2010

With people having no trust in their government and in the last 35 years, government having done very little to nothing to rebuild or gain the trust, its no surprise that any talk of “gun control” is seen as the first step in the war against democracy.

With government that has been ineffective and sneaky with laws like the Patriot Act all while raising taxes to fund Wall Streets flamboyant life style, its no wonder the American Government has no real trust among the people.

It has been our right to bare arms that has protected America’s Democracy. But in the last 50 years “peaceful protests” have become a more popular way to fight any attack against individual freedom.

Peaceful protests were effective back during the Civil Rights Movement, but now it has become an excuse for any radical socialists to scream like a lunatic on college campuses.

The images of citizens protesting has the government tried to silence them was once a shocking act during the 60’s and 70’s. However now all a politician has to do to silence the protesters is turn of the television and make their residency sound proof.

This should explain why so many political and business leaders have been playing the same old dance despite how the American public feels. William Kostric may have set wheels in motion were citizens break away form pointless screaming and becoming people of action.

If politicians fail to uphold their civic duty while the political mood remains the same and the status quo continues, then one should not be surprised when the gun has returned to American politics with in the next 15 -25 years.

Written for Examiner.com
Original Story: Why gun control is a threat to democracy


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