Police cite student for book theft – 5/31/2010

A De Anza College student was arrested on May 27, cited for stealing two textbooks from the De Anza College Bookstore.

Earnest Sims, the suspected perpetrator, walked in the bookstore at 2:10 p.m. and asked an employee for a calculus and American history textbook. Courseware Coordinator Reza Kazempour, suspicious that a student would ask for textbooks during the eighth week of the quarter, asked Noah Asch, from bookstore customer services, to watch Sims’ activity until he walked out.

Sims was first stopped in front of the Student and Community Services Building and questioned by Assistant Police Chief Jim McMahon regarding the stolen books, but denied the allegations.

Since Kazempour did not get a good look at the suspect, Sims was let go, but was stopped two minutes later by officer J.R. Dorcak so that two other employees who did see him could positively identify him.

After the two employees identified Sims, he confessed to stealing the books and selling them to Premier Textbooks, across the street from De Anza in the Oaks Shopping Center, said Kazempur.

McMahon and officer Frank Rocha questioned the manager of Premier Textbooks after the books were returned to the bookstore.

Sims was cited for violating penal code 488 PC, petty theft, at the scene and released. He also faces academic discipline with the possibility of suspension.

Written for La Voz Weekly
Original Article: Police cite student for book theft


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