Why Liberals Will Always Fail – 3/29/2011

It took eight years for the Republican Party to lose the trust and confidence of the American people. However it took only 2½ years for the Democrats to do the same thing. Why? Regardless of what’s going on in our world, liberals will always find a way to fail the American public.

Liberal politicians and activists have good intention but their idealist values tend to blind them from reality and when it comes time to defend their belief they don’t know how to actually fight.

The most common problem is a liberal’s inability to realize that some of their ideals can get on peoples nerves. Everyone can agree on issues regarding equal rights and saving the environment. However people have a different view on how to save the environment while drawing the line regarding political correctness.

With this blind judgment comes their inability to pick the right causes. For example look at the ACLU and its history of defending the First Amendment. They have fought the legality of the PATRIOT Act, assisted the NAACP in Brown vs. Education, and fought for the protection of people’s privacy. However they have also fought for the American Nazi Party’s right to march in a Jewish neighborhood and fought for the right of the Westboro Baptist Church to cause trouble at the funeral of American soldiers.

Than you have the liberals “War on Fun”; so if you have ever been outraged over a new law or tax that hampered with your fun, thank a liberal. On a local level: its always liberals who raise taxes on alcohol and tobacco while passing unnecessary regulations against bars and night clubs. People are aware that drinking and smoking are unhealthy; they don’t need laws to remind them.  On a national level: (with the exception of Jack Thompson) it has always been liberals who are trying to pass anti-video game legislation.

But when its time to stand up for an issue that matters, they tend to come out as cowards. Liberals however like to call it a need to be the “better person”. By not stooping to “conservative behavior”; they believe this will show that they are the better person. Unfortunately; normal people see this behavior as crying uncle. As one friend of mine said “liberal is just another word for sissy”.

There are very a few liberals who have broken away from this cowardice but yet the liberal establishment fails to recognize this bravery and instead wags its figure in shame. For example back in 2009, Congressmen Alan Grayson ridiculed the Republicans health care plan as “don’t get sick and if you do, die quickly”. Yet rather then being seen as a hero, the Democrats wagged their figure in shame. Than you have Ian Murphy (editor of the Buffalo Beast) who pretended to be David Koch and prank called Gov. Scott Walker. While conservatives have praised James O’Keefe for doing similar acts, mainstream liberals have condemned Murphy’s actions.

So while the Koch Brothers are funding their secret feud with the Obama Administration, all liberals seem to be doing is crying uncle or hiding behind a computer and writing blogs begging for social change (yes I see the irony in that statement). But regardless of O’Keefe questionable morals, I have more respect for him than a liberal activist and that won’t change until the ideology grows a pair.

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Does “Metal Gear Solid: Rising” Add Insult To Old Injuries?

Back in 2001; if you were to ask any gamer why would they get a PlayStation 2, the most common answer was Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. Upon its release, fans rejoiced until they realized they had fallen victim to a bait and switch scam.

Fans were furious that their beloved hero, Solid Snake, was replaced by Raiden. The character Snake was obviously inspired by John Carpenter’s anti-hero, Snake Plissken from Escape from New York. But Raiden was a crying emo who was inspired by a verity of anime that featured a crying emo-like kid.

Thankfully Hideo Kojima apologized by allowing gamers to kill a Raiden-look a like in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater and minimizing his role in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. So why is Kojima Productions giving Raiden, one of the most despised characters, his own spin-off?

Its been 10 years, but some fans still have that grudge against Raiden. The bait and switch ruined what was to be one of the best games of 2001. At the same time it almost had an effect on the expected sales of MGS3 because of skeptics.

Plus do gamers really want to play a +30 hour game were they hack and slash opponents as some emo while listening to him cry about his past. It was annoying in MGS2 and its going to be annoying in Metal Gear Solid: Rising.

Rather then wasting time on Raiden’s undeserved spin-off, Kojima Productions should focus on more popular ideas like porting Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walkers to the major consoles or making another Solid Snake adventure.

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The Impact of the Sendai Earthquake on the gaming market – 3/15/2011

The 2011 Sendai Earthquake has affected every aspect of life in Japan, but one of the hardest hit has been the technology industry. Home to several of the largest technology manufactures and video game publishers in the world, the devastation caused by the quake has impacted global markets with major.

On 5/14 the stock prices of many gaming publishers fell with Konami Corp. taking a hard 17% loss while Nintendo survived with only a 2% loss followed by Sony with a 6% loss on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TYO). All companies listed on the TYO took a major hit at 1pm due to the second explosion at the Fukushima I Nuclear Reactor.

To no surprise, many major game publishers have delayed or cancelled the release of upcoming games this month while some have temporary shut down their online games. Looking into long term effects; several games could miss the Summer 2011 or Holiday 2011 release along with an absence at the 2011 E3.

However on the following day (3/15) most game publishers were able to make some gains on the TYO. Nintendo made the largest gain of 6% while Sony made a 7% gain and Capcom going from an 11% loss to almost 10% gain. Unfortunately Konami Corp. took another loss of 18%.

Due to a reaction of the ongoing crisis; the Tokyo Stock Exchange has lost 10% of its value with similar losses on the London Stock Exchange while on the New York Stock Exchange the Dow Jones fell almost 300 points at the opening bell (on 3/15). Japan is the world’s third-largest economy while purchasing 10% of U.S. exports.

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