Will “Duke Nukem Forever” be worth the wait & hype? – 4/16/2011

In production since 1997, Duke Nukem Forever was expected to revolutionize the gaming industry. Yet it has now become infamous for its constant hype and production delays. So while 3D Realms jerked-off fans with the hype, gamers moved on to Goldeneye 007 than Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, followed by Halo and finally came Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Now gamers could rejoice as Duke Nukem Forever is set to be released on June 14, 2011. But one needs to ask the $1 million question, will it live up to our expectations.

In 1997, Duke Nukem Forever was to be a revolution in gaming. Yet as the hype kept building, the industry moved on. In its absence Soldier of Fortune introduced realistic violence, Red Faction allowed gamers to alter their environment, Grand Theft Auto III transformed video games into a respectable art, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare redefined console multiplayer.

So how is Duke Nukem Forever going to revolutionize the video game industry? A lot has changed in gaming and if Duke Nukem Forever is going to impresses gamers, it needs to be more than just a game.

My expectations for Duke Nukem Forever could be best summarized in the following formula: Goldeneye 007 + Soldier of Fortune + Red Faction + Grand Theft Auto: Vice City + Call of Duty: Black Ops + Fallout 3 = Duke Nukem Forever = Best Game Ever Made.

Duke Nukem Forever will only be worth the wait if the final product is nothing short of “Game of the Year.” Because of all the hype that was build, the worst outcome for Duke Nukem Forever would be sharing the same fate as John Romero’s: Daikatana.

Written for Bitmob
Original Article: Will “Duke Nukem Forever” be worth the wait & hype?


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