Sympathy for the Apathetic Voter – 8/11/2011

Do apathetic voters know something that we don’t know? This question may feel strange coming from an activist who only four years ago was talking down the apathetic youth while advocating the enactment of compulsory voting. Now I may envy the apathy.

I started as a political activist back in 2006 when I participated in the fight against Prop 86 (increase of tobacco tax). But with how things were; I became heavily involved during the 2008 Election because like so many Americans, I was dissatisfied with the status quo and wanted reform. Hence I supported Barack Obama in the hopes he would lead us to a better future.

Oh how dead wrong was I and so many others. What I thought would be the big hope became the biggest coward since Neville Chamberlain. Hence I supported Meg Whitman for governor during the 2010 Election. Why? It was her campaign promise to increase funding for education as I feared that Jerry Brown would cut funding for education and increase spending on welfare.

Now I regret that decision after witnessing other GOP governors wage a war against public sector unions. As for my thoughts on Brown; I was only half right on what he would do but I do have a lot of admiration for his leadership in this time of crisis.

Despite the long diatribe; a common element to look at is how the more things change, the more it stays the same. Regardless of who I voted for, it has been a regrettable decision. Every politician has promised change and reform only to do very little or cause more harm.

President Obama vowed to undo the unethical practices of the Bush Administration; yet he has continued its practices. John Boehner and the GOP took the House on a platform of responsibility only to solve every “ticking time bomb”-scenario over a game of chicken. Meanwhile; the recall election in Wisconsin has become a futile cause and its success would have been pointless without the repeal of Scott Walker’s anti-Labor provision.

Only now could I understand the views of the apathetic voters. What is the point of wasting a minute of my day just to pick between a coward and a liar? If the Democrats continue to be the party of appeasers, cowards, and pushovers while the Republicans offer fanatics, tyrants, and saboteurs; than how is reform even possible? It’s also impossible to take any third party seriously in this country since most of them are nothing less than a joke.

Voting is one of the most important right for a citizen in a democracy, but when the choice is limited than the time used to participate in the civic duty has been wasted. For this is why I have become sympathetic for the apathetic voter.

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