Why Paul Krugman is right: Reflections of the exploitation of 9/11 – 9/12/2011

The truth always hurts; so it’s no surprise that it was emotionally painful for many to read Paul Krugman’s blog, The Year of Shame; written for the New York Times. 9/11 was the most horrifying tragedy of our time, but its even more horrible that many opportunists jumped on the misfortune like vultures.

It’s hard to deny the fact that politicians like Rudy Giuliani and George W. Bush exploited the emotions of the American people. Giuliani for years has presented himself as “The Hero of 9/11”; but one needs to look pass the fame to understand that his political medaling caused more harm than good. Bush used the event as a free pass for a few years while any questioning of the administration was deemed “un-Patriotic”.

But besides the obvious political players, other vultures emerged to exploit the tragedy for their own selfish needs. During the election season; politicians used the tragedy to spearhead their own political careers. These are the same politicians who have caused deadlocks regarding the financing of health care for first responders.

Politicians always tend to leech off anything; their have been more notorious factions who have indulged the spoils of horror. In the aftermath of 9/11; various people attempted to defraud victims, families of the fallen and the government. Than you have organizations that have capitalized on the fear of terrorism by funding the manufacturing of Islamphobia.

Hence to criticize Krugman would be to ignore the sin of the vultures who continue to exploit a nightmare. Nobody wants to hear it but it’s the sad truth. Thankfully the vultures have failed to drain the sprit that every American holds knowing that freedom will always triumphs over tyranny.

Written for Examiner.com
Original Article: Why Paul Krugman is right: Reflections of the exploitation of 9/11


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