It’s only ‘The Darkest Hour’ for having seen this movie – 12/25/2011

No, it’s not a Syfy original movie that was accidentally released in theaters. Despite its title, the worst thing about The Darkest Hour would be the time wasted watching it on Christmas.

The Darkest Hour is supposed to be a new take on the invasion-genre that adds elements of a suspense thriller. The story follows a group who is trying to survive an invasion of Moscow by aliens who are composed of nothing more than energy.

Nevermind how the aliens violated Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery’s first rule of warfare regarding not marching on Moscow.

The biggest problem that plagues this film is, despite the elements of a suspense thriller, how bored one will be during this ordeal. Sure one could argue that because you can’t see the aliens it will keep you in suspense, but the moments of suspense happen at the expected time.

Wow, invisible aliens that turn things into dust“, will be your only reaction during the duration of the film.

It also didn’t help that the trailer along with TV ads spoiled all the good moments. Maybe had they just shown deleted scenes or cut back on the concept of invisible aliens turning people into dust than maybe the film would have been somewhat enjoyable.

The lack of good characters also doesn’t help make this movie any better; the performance so bad that one can’t help but feeling most of the cast took the job because they needed money or had nothing better to do.

While not actually said, there should be a rule of cinema regarding not releasing horror films on Christmas. There really shouldn’t be a reason to have seen this with films like The Adventures of Tintin, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo now in theaters.

Director Chris Gorak may have had you in suspense with Right at Your Door, but this time you’ll only be on the edge of your seat if you decide to walk out of the theater at the moment you the thought of “what was I thinking” pops up.

Written for Digital Journal
Original Article: It’s only ‘The Darkest Hour’ for having seen this movie


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