Democratic National Committee ignoring Wisconsin recall – 5/17/2012

The Democratic National Committee has been ignoring requests to fund the local efforts to recall Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

With only three weeks until the June 5th election, the DNC has not responded to the request of a $500,000 investment by the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. Meanwhile the Republican National Committee has given its full support to Gov. Walker.

Mary Magnuson, a activist from Wisconsin, has created an online petition to show public support for the recall. The goal is to gather 125,000 signatures before its mailed to the Democratic National Committee and Debbie Wasserman Schultz ; there are currently 110,709 signatures.

Am I missing something? This would appear to be a no brainer for the DNC,” said Catherine Treece from Madison, Wisconsin, who signed the petition on May 16.

People need to be educated and fast! We need the DNC’s support!“, said Kay Heimerl from Appleton, Wisconsin, who also signed the petition on May 16.

ActBlue, a non-profit political committee that supports Democratic candidates, has setup pages to raise for money for the campaign against Walker, which has collected $825,133.

Meanwhile the Republican Party of Wisconsin will host a Super Saturday on May 19, 2012, to raise money for Walker’s campaign.

The recall election pits Walker in a rematch against Tom Barrett, the former Mayor of Milwaukee. Random polls show that Walker has the lead by a thin margin which indicate the election could be decided based on voter turnout.

If the recall election is successful, Walker would be the third governor to have been recalled in U.S. history.

Scott Walker took office as the 45th Governor of Wisconsin on January 3, 2011. Campaigned on a promise to fix the state deficit but gain national attention for his budget plan which stripped most public sector unions of their collective bargaining rights.

Written for Digital Journal 
Original Article: Democratic National Committee ignoring Wisconsin recall


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