‘Max Payne 3’ delay causes confusion – 5/30/2012

The box cover for ‘Max Payne 3’

Rockstar Games delay of the PC version of ‘Max Payne 3’ has caused some confusion among gamers and retailers despite making the announcement on May 22.

The PC version was originally scheduled to be released in the US on May 29, 2012, but it was pushed back to June 1, 2012 so it may coincide with the games international release.

Jennifer Kolbe, Rockstar’s VP of Publishing, stated in a press release, “Our community has always preferred a single worldwide launch date, and while we couldn’t make it happen for the console versions, we decided to work toward a global release for Max Payne 3 on PC.”

While the announcement was made last week, the news had caused some confusion among retailers and news sites. Gamespot.com and Dell.com still list it as having a May 29th release while the games Wikipedia page was recently edited to include the June 1 date.

Several retailers in the Bay Area were also confused as they were expecting a May 29th release. These retailers still had the original May 29 release date posted while gamers who had pre-ordered had not been informed about the change.

Despite the delay, Max Payne 3 was released for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on May 15 and has been well praised by fans and critics.

Max Payne 3 is the third game in the award winning game series that has blended the story elements film-noir with the choreographic-style action of John Woo. The first game was released for the PC and consoles in 2001 and was followed by a sequel in 2003.

Written for Digital Journal
Original Article: ‘Max Payne 3’ delay causes confusion


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