Is ’007 Legends’ supposed to be a joke? – 7/3/2012

007007 Legends is an upcoming video game that will retell six classic Bond films with an over-arching narrative that will conclude with the film, Skyfall.

So which classic Bond films will Activsion and Eurocom be retelling?

It was announced on May 21, that the first mission will be based on Moonraker. Then it was unveiled on June 28 that the second mission would be based on the film On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

Now I have to assume the term “classic” was being used in the looses definition possible.

As a passionate Bond fan who has seen every movie more than five times, read every story written by Ian Fleming and played every game released since 007 GoldenEye; I am dead serious when I ask if this is supposed to be someone’s idea of a bad joke?

007 Legends is suppose to be a retelling of “classic” Bond films, yet Activsion and Eurocom have based the first two missions on the worst Bond films.

Moonraker has always been universally panned because of its poor story and laughable attempt to mimic the success of Star WarsOn Her Majesty’s Secret Service claim to shame is due to the horrible performance of actor George Lazenby, whose rendition of the character has become a metaphor for a forgettable performer in an iconic franchise.

Daniel Craig’s performance may redeem On Her Majesty’s Secret Service but there should not have been a reason to retell Moonraker.

This has to make any devoted 007 fan ask if the development team at Eurocom comprises of culture-less junkies who have never seen a Bond film before GoldenEye or hipsters pretending to understand the cultural significance of 007.

With four more missions expected to be unveiled during the summer, it’s only fair to give Activsion the chance to redeem 007 Legends.

However if any mission is based on The World Is Not Enough than this game obviously is asking to fail. Because there is no reason anyone wants to see Denise Richards take on the roll of a “nuclear psychologist” again.

Written for Bitmob
Original Article: Is ’007 Legends’ supposed to be a joke?


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