“Resident Evil” needs a reboot – 10/20/2012

resident_evil_operation_raccoon_city_01Lets be honest; 2012 has not been a great year for the Resident Evil-series. The year has brought one failure after another and its certain that devote fans are frustrated at the direction the franchise has been going.

It all started with Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, a spin-off that focused on the actions of the U.S.S. Delta Team (nicknamed “Wolfpack”) and US Special Operations during the Raccoon City Incident.

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City was promoted as a retelling of one of the most iconic video games from an alternative perspective. However with the poor dialogue and choppy story telling, this was just Resident Evil 2 and 3 butchered into a new unnecessary story.

Next was Resident Evil: Retribution, the fourth film in Paul W. S. Anderson adaptation of the game franchise. Too no surprise the film was meet with disappointing reviews by critics and traditional Resident Evil-fans.

Unfortunately Anderson is considering making a sixth film in an attempt (in his words) to bring his film series to an end. This despite that he should have only made one film or gone into career death a long time ago. Again traditional Resident Evil fans should be uttering “WTF” under their breath.

Finally we come to Resident Evil 6.

The good news is that the final judgment for Resident Evil 6 is not being declared a failure. Unfortunately the label of mediocre would be more appropriate given the cluster-f*** of content was mashed into the final production.

Its obvious that the Resident Evil-franchise has milked the concept of a zombie apocalypse and its in need of a reboot (and not the RE4-style reboot).

Resident Evil has always been a modern Frankenstein that has warned about the dangers of unchecked scientific progress. However pharmaceutical companies are not the only ones capable of unethical scientific progress. Robotics, cloning, GMO, nanobots, social media, or the destruction of the environment are examples of topics that could be the basis of a new Resident Evil.

The film series is also in need of a reboot given that they have evolved from a single failure into an excuse for Anderson to make a movie that features Milla Jovovich (his wife) running around in sexy outfits while blasting zombies. Meanwhile a few characters from the game may make a cameo just to connect with its source material.

The best person who should reboot the Resident Evil-film would be Christopher Nolan. After undoing the reputation left by Joel Schumacher on the Batman-films, Nolan should be the most obvious choice to reboot the Resident Evil-films.

You can already imagine the perfect cast for a  Christopher Nolan’s Resident Evil movie using stars that he has worked with. Such as:
Hugh Jackman – Chris Redfeild
Anne Hathaway – Jill Valentine
Christian Bale – Albert Wesker
Ellen Page – Rebecca Chambers
Tom Hardy – Barry Bruton
Cillian Murphy – William Burke

Regardless of what is the next direction for the Resident Evil-series, its obvious that the status quo has been overdone and its time for a new change.

Written for Bitmod
Original Article: “Resident Evil” needs a reboot


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