Review: ‘Resident Evil 6’ for the PC is failure with a new coat of paint – 3/25/2013

Resident Evil 62012 was not a good year for the “Resident Evil”-series, so it comes as a big surprise when Capcom decided to port “Resident Evil 6” to the PC in hopes of a different result.

Set in a world were terrorists using the T-Virus has become common, Resident Evil 6 has gamers taken on the role of Chris Redfield, Leon Kennedy, and Jake Muller (Albert Wesker illegitimate son) as they each try to prevent a global catastrophe.

Already its hard to read the plot synopsis with a straight face (terrorists using zombie virus is very laughable). However a laughable plot is not the only problem this game suffers from.

Let’s start with the most obvious problem; the game is not scary. Resident Evil 6 has a fear factor that is the equivalent to a Twilight-film. Gaming has changed a lot since 1996 but rather than taking advantage of the available resources, Capcom aimed instead for a Call of Duty-style game with zombies.

In an attempt to attract the same ADHD diagnosed audience that is attracted to Modern Warfare; Capcom (like so many publishers trying to attract the casual gamer market) has angered traditional Resident Evil fans.

The only thing that Resident Evil 6 for the PC has achieved is annoyed Resident Evil fans who prefer PC over the console. Overall you can paint over a pile of crap but in the end its still going to be a pile of crap.

Hopefully Capcom learns from this failure and makes an attempt to reboot the game back to its roots of terror.

Final Score: 2/5

Written for Digital Journal 
Original Article: Review: ‘Resident Evil 6’ for the PC is failure with a new coat of paint


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