Review: The AVO Dominant 13th 2013 LE – 5/5/2013

Bass takes pride in looking for premium cigars of the highest quality and as it happens he acquired a special treat over the weekend just in time for Mayweather vs. Guerrero.

Campbell Cigar Club is happy to announce that it has added The AVO Dominant 13th 2013 LE to its top shelf selection.

The AVO Dominant 13th 2013 LE is the newest addition to the Limited Edition series of cigars that is released once a year from Avo Uvezian. The cigar is limited to 9000 boxes and was released on March 22, 2013 in honor of Avo Uvezian’s 87th birthday.

The AVO Dominant 13th 2013 LE has a filler that mixes four types of Dominican tobacco (Piloto Viso, Habano Viso, San Vicente Ligero, and Corojo/Olor Ligero) along with a Peruvian Viso. The filler is held together with a Yamasa binder and wrapped with a Habano 2000 Ecuador.

Its appearance will easily get anyone’s attention with its dark brown and oily texture while decorated with two eye attracting band. The first band presents the AVO logo while decorated in brown, gold, black, and white. The second band is decorated it brown with The Dominant 13th written in white over a gold silhouette.

Any cigar from Zino Davidoff will always be of exceptional quality and The AVO Dominant 13th 2013 LE is no exception. This was our final verdict:
Bass: 910
Stan: 8/10
Customer #1: 8.5/10
Customer #2: 8.5/10

It was obvious that such a well crafted cigar will get our attention but after the first puff it became a favorite among some of the guys. The Dominant 13th has relaxing smooth draw that will allows you to really feel the medium to full body flavor. It starts with a dark chocolate and nutmeg flavor but as it progresses it a spicy ceder flavor.

This was truly the perfect cigar to smoke while enjoying Mayweather vs. Guerrero as everyone had the chance to smoke at least one Dominant 13th during the night.

The box was half empty by the end of the fight and Bass is expecting to be sold out before the week is over. Campbell Cigar will be selling the The AVO Dominant 13th 2013 LE for $28 (not including tax) per cigar and supply is very limited.

Written for Campbell Cigar Club
Original Article: Review: The AVO Dominant 13th 2013 LE


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