Gamers still distrustful of Xbox One privacy policy – 11/3/2013

Microsoft has released an update of its privacy policy for the Xbox One in hopes to address concerns that the system could be used as a spying tool.

According to Microsoft’s new policy, the any information collected by the Kinect will nod be distributed to outside sources and any information collected is deleted when the system is turned off. Also activating the Kinect is not required to use the console or access Xbox Live. The policy also states that changes will be made in the future to reflect customer feedback.

Despite the policy change, many in the gaming community are still fearful that the Xbox One could be used as a tool for spying. News aggregators and message boards have been flooded with gamers expressing their continued distrust with Microsoft.

Since its unveiling in May; Xbox One has been a lighting rod for controversy because of its Orwellian features and draconian style digital rights management (DRM). Microsoft was forced to abandon its DRM policy while it has been very sketchy regarding users privacy.

Several news sources have pointed the fact that Microsoft will continue to monitor data collected from voice chat, video and communications during live-hosted gameplay sessions offered through Xbox Live. The Consumerist has pointed out that many free chat services do reserve the right to monitor user activity. Adding to consumer fears has been the controversy regarding the National Security Agency program of mass surveillance and collecting personal data of American citizens.

Gamers have expressed their concern that the Xbox One will become another tool used by the government to spy on them. The issue of privacy has been one of many controversies that has plagued the Xbox One since it was unveiled in May. Despite all the problems it is still set to be released globally on November 22, 2013.

Written for Digital Journal
Original Article: Gamers still distrustful of Xbox One privacy policy


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