Critics encourage gamers to give ‘Alien: Isolation’ a chance – 1/14/2014

Back on January 7, Sega officially confirmed that Alien: Isolation was in the works and is set to be released sometime in late 2014. However the gaming community was a little weary of the announcement with most of them expecting the game to be a failure.

Gamers were quick to vent their lack of enthusiasm on game outlets like N4G or the comment section of respected publications.

Most of the frustration comes from the failures of the highly-anticipated Aliens: Colonial Marines and Aliens Vs Predator. Gamers had high hopes for both games, only they were panned for the weak gameplay content, repetitive action and technical flaws.

In response to the negative feedback and concerns by the gaming community, several game pundits are trying assure their readers that Alien: Isolation will not be a train wreck of a disaster. They are encouraging their readers to give the game a chance and don’t dismiss it so fast.

Many critics and all reports of the announcement have pointed out that Alien: Isolation will be inspired by the Ridley Scott vision of the series, not the James Cameron vision. Mark Walton of GameSpot described his experience as, “After years of battling endless streams of aliens with a pulse rifle, it’s nice to be reminded exactly how scary they can be.

This outlook was also supported by Jane Douglas, Co-Editor of Outside Xbox, who also made note of the difference between the Scott vision and Cameron vision of the series. She described the game as, “This game is based on the first Alien film, not the sequels, so you’ll be being stalked by a relentless, nightmarish creature in an abandoned space station. What’s more as Amanda Ripley – an engineer rather than a marine – you’ll be almost completely defenseless if it spots you. This is survival horror, not Call of Duty with bugs.

David Houghton, Editor at GameRadar, wrote an Op-Ed trying to address the concern of his readers. He stated: “Colonial Marines is a different game, based on a different Alien film, made by a different developer for a different set of hardware. The only elements shared between the two games are their publisher, Sega–which seems to be actively distancing itself from CM and pushing hard towards a dark new future with A:I–and the use of the overall Alien franchise license. 

Gamers will have to wait for more info at E3 2014 to get a better understanding of the game, until then they are encouraged to keep an open mind. Alien: Isolation will be the fourth game in the franchise that is published by Sega and it is set for release sometime in late 2014 for all major consoles.

Written for The Gamers Progress
Original Article: Critics encourage gamers to give ‘Alien: Isolation’ a chance


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