Why Paul Krugman is right: Reflections of the exploitation of 9/11 – 9/12/2011

The truth always hurts; so it’s no surprise that it was emotionally painful for many to read Paul Krugman’s blog, The Year of Shame; written for the New York Times. 9/11 was the most horrifying tragedy of our time, but its even more horrible that many opportunists jumped on the misfortune like vultures.

It’s hard to deny the fact that politicians like Rudy Giuliani and George W. Bush exploited the emotions of the American people. Giuliani for years has presented himself as “The Hero of 9/11”; but one needs to look pass the fame to understand that his political medaling caused more harm than good. Bush used the event as a free pass for a few years while any questioning of the administration was deemed “un-Patriotic”.

But besides the obvious political players, other vultures emerged to exploit the tragedy for their own selfish needs. During the election season; politicians used the tragedy to spearhead their own political careers. These are the same politicians who have caused deadlocks regarding the financing of health care for first responders.

Politicians always tend to leech off anything; their have been more notorious factions who have indulged the spoils of horror. In the aftermath of 9/11; various people attempted to defraud victims, families of the fallen and the government. Than you have organizations that have capitalized on the fear of terrorism by funding the manufacturing of Islamphobia.

Hence to criticize Krugman would be to ignore the sin of the vultures who continue to exploit a nightmare. Nobody wants to hear it but it’s the sad truth. Thankfully the vultures have failed to drain the sprit that every American holds knowing that freedom will always triumphs over tyranny.

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Actions not Words: A Response to President Obama’s speech – 9/8/2011

President Obama gave his much anticipated job speech to Congress today in which he addressed the issue of the economy and the need for the Federal Government to help in the creation of more jobs and stimulate the economy.

Or if you have been following politics but missed the speech; it’s the same bulls*** he has been saying the last three years. Bravo Mr. President for recycling but too bad that it can’t count towards your contribution to protecting the environment.

My opinion regarding the speech before and after has been very simple; he can cram it. Actions speak louder than words but unfortunately President Obama doesn’t seem to realize it. Speeches don’t solve anything unless you back it up with actions.

America is suffering through one of the worst economic crisis in its history and unfortunately than we elected to save us is a delusional coward who feels his words can conjure spells while trying to appease his political enemies at every opportunity.

With that said it’s guaranteed that the American Job Act will endure a long partisan battle in Congress. Spoiler Alert: the GOP will water it down into something more harmful for the American people while demanding more cuts, but President Obama will give in and claim it as a victory.

During the Great Depression, President Roosevelt enacted a series of work programs as means to strengthen the nation infrastructure and reboot the economy. When President Obama took office, proposed a Stimulus Packet that wasted billions of dollars in the hopes that it would magically reboot the national economy.

But hopefully the American Job Act actually dose more than just waste billions in the hopes that magic solves the economic crisis. I really would love to be proven wrong on this issue but if President Obama continues down this path than his Presidency will end with Rush Limbaugh announcing on his show “I told you so.”

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Sympathy for the Apathetic Voter – 8/11/2011

Do apathetic voters know something that we don’t know? This question may feel strange coming from an activist who only four years ago was talking down the apathetic youth while advocating the enactment of compulsory voting. Now I may envy the apathy.

I started as a political activist back in 2006 when I participated in the fight against Prop 86 (increase of tobacco tax). But with how things were; I became heavily involved during the 2008 Election because like so many Americans, I was dissatisfied with the status quo and wanted reform. Hence I supported Barack Obama in the hopes he would lead us to a better future.

Oh how dead wrong was I and so many others. What I thought would be the big hope became the biggest coward since Neville Chamberlain. Hence I supported Meg Whitman for governor during the 2010 Election. Why? It was her campaign promise to increase funding for education as I feared that Jerry Brown would cut funding for education and increase spending on welfare.

Now I regret that decision after witnessing other GOP governors wage a war against public sector unions. As for my thoughts on Brown; I was only half right on what he would do but I do have a lot of admiration for his leadership in this time of crisis.

Despite the long diatribe; a common element to look at is how the more things change, the more it stays the same. Regardless of who I voted for, it has been a regrettable decision. Every politician has promised change and reform only to do very little or cause more harm.

President Obama vowed to undo the unethical practices of the Bush Administration; yet he has continued its practices. John Boehner and the GOP took the House on a platform of responsibility only to solve every “ticking time bomb”-scenario over a game of chicken. Meanwhile; the recall election in Wisconsin has become a futile cause and its success would have been pointless without the repeal of Scott Walker’s anti-Labor provision.

Only now could I understand the views of the apathetic voters. What is the point of wasting a minute of my day just to pick between a coward and a liar? If the Democrats continue to be the party of appeasers, cowards, and pushovers while the Republicans offer fanatics, tyrants, and saboteurs; than how is reform even possible? It’s also impossible to take any third party seriously in this country since most of them are nothing less than a joke.

Voting is one of the most important right for a citizen in a democracy, but when the choice is limited than the time used to participate in the civic duty has been wasted. For this is why I have become sympathetic for the apathetic voter.

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The Catch-22 of Global Responsibility – 4/1/2011

It is said that the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. During the beginning of the last century some of the most atrocious acts of evil were perpetrated while the arsenal of democracy only responded once to protect its own interest and by a fluke stopped a greater evil.

In the aftermath of World War II, the global community came together and established the United Nations to maintain international peace and security. Yet the more things change the more they stay the same. History moves on as new players step in, but evil always finds a way to triumph as the free worlds turns a blind eye.

The world has failed to learn from history as it continued to ignore the human atrocities being perpetrated. Francisco Macías Nguema (President of Equatorial Guinea) and Pol Pot (Communist Dictator of Cambodia) butchered thousands of their own people while acts of ethnic cleansing took place in Iraq, Rwanda, Sudan and Burundi.

Yet the world responded with nothing more than a few resolutions condemning the evil and imposing an embargo. History has laughed at our failure to act while humanity has passed its judgment on the Free Worlds inability to bring justice.

Now in Libya, the citizens are asking for reform and the government’s response has been to butcher any opposition. Rather then the usually resolution and embargo, the UN approved a no-fly zone that is being enforced by NATO.

One would assume that it’s these moments that the United Nations and Democracy could redeem itself by fighting evil and protecting the innocent. Yet when good men do act, they are condemned as aggressors.

The same kinds of people who have criticized the West for ignoring atrocities are now crying “imperialism”. American liberals (like Michael Moore and Rep. Dennis Kucinich) are calling President Obama a warmonger while some global leaders have condemned the no-fly zone as a violation of Libya’s sovereignty.

This is the catch-22 of global responsibility, Democracy is ridden with guilt when it allows evil to prevail. But if Democracy were to act against evil than its condemned as an aggressor. Sadly this is too common in history.

The West had to intervene when acts of aggression were being perpetrated against the sovereignty of South Korea and Kuwait. Yet these acts of liberation have at times been seen as “empire building” by elements of the left. Sadly there are more examples.

* 1978: Idi Amin (with Libyan support) is threatening the sovereignty of Tanzania. In response to this threat, Tanzania invades Uganda and replaces Amin’s dictatorship with a democratic government. Yet it was Tanzania that was viewed as an aggressor by the international community.

* 1982: The military junta of Argentina invades the Falkland Islands only for it to be liberated by United Kingdom. In the aftermath of the war, the military junta collapses and democracy is restored to Argentina. Yet Britain’s intervention was condemned as an act of imperialism.

* 1989: United States launches Operation Just Cause in an attempt to protect regional stability and bring down the kleptocracy of Manuel Noriega. Democracy was restored and Panama has been governed by the rule of law since. Yet even today, Operation Just Cause is still referred to as an act of aggression.

* 1991 – 1999: In response to ethnic cleansing being perpetrated in Yugoslavia, NATO launches an air camping that cripples the Yugoslavian war machine. Yet frivolous claims have been made that NATO deliberately target civilians or had no justified reason for its actions.

The more things change the more they stay the same as the judgment regarding the catch-22 of global responsibility haunts global leaders. Yet we forget that never has a survivor of genocide thanked those who ignored the suffering. It has always been the champions of justice who have been revered by the survivors and history.

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Why Liberals Will Always Fail – 3/29/2011

It took eight years for the Republican Party to lose the trust and confidence of the American people. However it took only 2½ years for the Democrats to do the same thing. Why? Regardless of what’s going on in our world, liberals will always find a way to fail the American public.

Liberal politicians and activists have good intention but their idealist values tend to blind them from reality and when it comes time to defend their belief they don’t know how to actually fight.

The most common problem is a liberal’s inability to realize that some of their ideals can get on peoples nerves. Everyone can agree on issues regarding equal rights and saving the environment. However people have a different view on how to save the environment while drawing the line regarding political correctness.

With this blind judgment comes their inability to pick the right causes. For example look at the ACLU and its history of defending the First Amendment. They have fought the legality of the PATRIOT Act, assisted the NAACP in Brown vs. Education, and fought for the protection of people’s privacy. However they have also fought for the American Nazi Party’s right to march in a Jewish neighborhood and fought for the right of the Westboro Baptist Church to cause trouble at the funeral of American soldiers.

Than you have the liberals “War on Fun”; so if you have ever been outraged over a new law or tax that hampered with your fun, thank a liberal. On a local level: its always liberals who raise taxes on alcohol and tobacco while passing unnecessary regulations against bars and night clubs. People are aware that drinking and smoking are unhealthy; they don’t need laws to remind them.  On a national level: (with the exception of Jack Thompson) it has always been liberals who are trying to pass anti-video game legislation.

But when its time to stand up for an issue that matters, they tend to come out as cowards. Liberals however like to call it a need to be the “better person”. By not stooping to “conservative behavior”; they believe this will show that they are the better person. Unfortunately; normal people see this behavior as crying uncle. As one friend of mine said “liberal is just another word for sissy”.

There are very a few liberals who have broken away from this cowardice but yet the liberal establishment fails to recognize this bravery and instead wags its figure in shame. For example back in 2009, Congressmen Alan Grayson ridiculed the Republicans health care plan as “don’t get sick and if you do, die quickly”. Yet rather then being seen as a hero, the Democrats wagged their figure in shame. Than you have Ian Murphy (editor of the Buffalo Beast) who pretended to be David Koch and prank called Gov. Scott Walker. While conservatives have praised James O’Keefe for doing similar acts, mainstream liberals have condemned Murphy’s actions.

So while the Koch Brothers are funding their secret feud with the Obama Administration, all liberals seem to be doing is crying uncle or hiding behind a computer and writing blogs begging for social change (yes I see the irony in that statement). But regardless of O’Keefe questionable morals, I have more respect for him than a liberal activist and that won’t change until the ideology grows a pair.

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Why gun control is a threat to democracy – 2/8/2010

With people having no trust in their government and in the last 35 years, government having done very little to nothing to rebuild or gain the trust, its no surprise that any talk of “gun control” is seen as the first step in the war against democracy.

With government that has been ineffective and sneaky with laws like the Patriot Act all while raising taxes to fund Wall Streets flamboyant life style, its no wonder the American Government has no real trust among the people.

It has been our right to bare arms that has protected America’s Democracy. But in the last 50 years “peaceful protests” have become a more popular way to fight any attack against individual freedom.

Peaceful protests were effective back during the Civil Rights Movement, but now it has become an excuse for any radical socialists to scream like a lunatic on college campuses.

The images of citizens protesting has the government tried to silence them was once a shocking act during the 60’s and 70’s. However now all a politician has to do to silence the protesters is turn of the television and make their residency sound proof.

This should explain why so many political and business leaders have been playing the same old dance despite how the American public feels. William Kostric may have set wheels in motion were citizens break away form pointless screaming and becoming people of action.

If politicians fail to uphold their civic duty while the political mood remains the same and the status quo continues, then one should not be surprised when the gun has returned to American politics with in the next 15 -25 years.

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San Jose Police’s action on Phuong Ho was justified – 11/24/2009

San_Jose_PoliceEvery time law enforcement is doing its job properly, their is always a cry of “police brutality” that follows. The latest involves San Jose Police arresting SJSU student Phuong Ho back in October.

Ho was arrested by SJPD for making a threat to his room mate. Apparently the room mate spilled some soap and Ho threated him with a knife in response. When SJPD attempted to arrest Ho (rather then cooperate), went for his glasses and provoked the incident.

One could already sense that the SJPD acted appropriately and that Ho is greatly to blame for the beating that he received.

For one, he threated to kill some one on a school campus. Schools have a zero tolerance for such actions. Why? Because of Columbine. Remember the murders made a few death threats that were largely ignored until they came to school with an intent to kill. Second, because he over reacted to a trivial accident just shows how violent or unstable he is.

Hence, his room mate just tipped of the campus administration along with law enforcement to a possible time bomb and now they prevented a future massacre from happening.

As for the excuse about his glasses, common sense indicates when the cops are after you then you should just get on the ground and cooperate. Ho may have been going for his glasses, but the officers had to assume it was a weapon. Cops have to deal with street gangs and drug dealers who pull the same stunt only they try to pull out a knife.

So rather then for all the community groups, activists and opportunists to start crying about “police brutality”, its wise to look into the issue for a view point the involves common sense rather then primitive reaction.

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