Review: Raices Cubanas 1941 by Alec Bradley – 11/30/2013

Raices Cubanas 1941 by Alec Bradley

By Stan Rezaee

Several weeks ago; Bass acquired several new Alec Bradley cigars for the store. Bass was at first hesitant to add Alec Bradley to his inventory (due to the negative feedback from his customers) but the guys at JMG International highly recommended theses cigars.

Among the selection was Raices Cubanas 1941, a new cigar that was introduced at International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers Association 2013 Convention in Las Vegas.

Raices Cubanas 1941 is a mild cigar crafted with a mix of Honduras and Nicaragua filler while using a Nicaragua binder and a Honduras wrapper. The cigar is presented with a colorful cigar ring that is decorated with a design that pays homage to the first half of the 20th Century .

In the past we have not been too impressed with Alec Bradley cigars as at best they felt like “give-away” cigars. Raices Cubanas 1941 however really surprised us and this was our final verdict:
Bass: 7.5/10
Stan: 7/10
Charlie: 7/10
Customer #1: 7.5/10
Customer #2: 8/10

Raices Cubanas 1941 starts with a nutmeg flavor that has a hint of pepper. As the cigar progresses it develops a rich ceder flavor that still has the scent of pepper. By the end it has developed an earth flavor but it still has that pepper scent. During the smoke; the cigar has a smooth and relaxing draw that allows you to really enjoy the flavor.

Our final verdict is that the Raices Cubanas 1941 is a great everyday cigar that anyone could enjoy with their buddies after a long work week. It has also encourage us to give the other Alec Bradley cigars that Bass got a chance.

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Written for Campbell Cigar Club
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Review: Barefoot Coffee is a hidden oasis for the coffee connoisseur – 6/7/2013

Hidden away at the tip of Downtown Campbell is an oasis for the coffee connoisseur and a patron of the local arts. Barefoot Coffee has brought its cultural flavor to Campbell.

Walk by and one will be marveled by the bohemian atmosphere of the art work that decorate the walls. Enter the shop and you are immediately welcomed by the coffee aroma along with a greeting from the friendly staff.

However describing the staff as “friendly” is poor understatement as if I’m comparing them to a friendly bartender. On the first visit I was a complete stranger to the staff but by the third visit I have become a recognized customer. They know what I like and at times offer new alternatives just to intrigue my curiosity.

Barefoot Coffee has a good selection of coffee and tea that is prepared fresh when you order. There are no pre-made tubs or over priced tea bags; brewing coffee and tea is a respected craft that can be tasted in every cup.

Just please don’t butcher your coffee with cream and sugar or you have lost the natural flavor.

The staff takes pride in their craft it can be tasted by the quality of the coffee. Be aware that quality isn’t cheap and if price is an issue than one could happily walk across the street to what ever Starbucks isn’t crowded or the Jack N’ Box down the street.

Best of all there is no bar near Barefoot Coffee; hence you don’t have to worry about being harassed by the drunks and creeps.

Barefoot Coffee is not only the best coffee shop in the area but it’s the measuring stick I use to rate other coffee shops. This is the perfect little oasis to hide at during a wonderful weekend afternoon.

Final Score: 5/5

Written for Digital Journal
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Review: The AVO Dominant 13th 2013 LE – 5/5/2013

Bass takes pride in looking for premium cigars of the highest quality and as it happens he acquired a special treat over the weekend just in time for Mayweather vs. Guerrero.

Campbell Cigar Club is happy to announce that it has added The AVO Dominant 13th 2013 LE to its top shelf selection.

The AVO Dominant 13th 2013 LE is the newest addition to the Limited Edition series of cigars that is released once a year from Avo Uvezian. The cigar is limited to 9000 boxes and was released on March 22, 2013 in honor of Avo Uvezian’s 87th birthday.

The AVO Dominant 13th 2013 LE has a filler that mixes four types of Dominican tobacco (Piloto Viso, Habano Viso, San Vicente Ligero, and Corojo/Olor Ligero) along with a Peruvian Viso. The filler is held together with a Yamasa binder and wrapped with a Habano 2000 Ecuador.

Its appearance will easily get anyone’s attention with its dark brown and oily texture while decorated with two eye attracting band. The first band presents the AVO logo while decorated in brown, gold, black, and white. The second band is decorated it brown with The Dominant 13th written in white over a gold silhouette.

Any cigar from Zino Davidoff will always be of exceptional quality and The AVO Dominant 13th 2013 LE is no exception. This was our final verdict:
Bass: 910
Stan: 8/10
Customer #1: 8.5/10
Customer #2: 8.5/10

It was obvious that such a well crafted cigar will get our attention but after the first puff it became a favorite among some of the guys. The Dominant 13th has relaxing smooth draw that will allows you to really feel the medium to full body flavor. It starts with a dark chocolate and nutmeg flavor but as it progresses it a spicy ceder flavor.

This was truly the perfect cigar to smoke while enjoying Mayweather vs. Guerrero as everyone had the chance to smoke at least one Dominant 13th during the night.

The box was half empty by the end of the fight and Bass is expecting to be sold out before the week is over. Campbell Cigar will be selling the The AVO Dominant 13th 2013 LE for $28 (not including tax) per cigar and supply is very limited.

Written for Campbell Cigar Club
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Cheap Eats for under $5 – 3/11/2008

Nine out of 10 doctors agree: students need to eat. But with a job that just breaks minimum wage, what’s a student to do? Read on, pupil.

The Book Store
Location: Student and Community Services Building
Recommended Dish: The most excellent Power Bar Second
Choice: Beef jerky or chips
Healthiness: 2 (out of 5), or maybe even less depending on what you pick.
Service: 4 (out of 5)
The Verdict: The book store is for when you need a fast meal and/or are extremely late to class. When you need to eat something that could satisfy you and you’re in a hurry, stop by the book store for a quick meal. We only recommend the bookstore as a last resort.

Hinson Campus Center (aka the cafeteria)
Location: The main quad
Recommended Dish: Chicken Caesar Wrap Second Choices: Salad or pasta.
Healthiness: 3.5
Service: 4
The Verdict: You get a good lunch when you don’t want to leave school. The cafeteria has some meals that are both cheap and healthy. There are also the typical burgers, which are horrible and too pricey, encouraging you to eat the healthy meals.

Togo’s Sandwiches
Location: Across the street on Stevens Creek Boulevard
Recommended Dish: #8
Second Choice: Daily soup
Healthiness: 5
Service: 1.5
The Verdict: The soup is cheap and a regular sandwich is only $4.95. However, if you can afford it, drive to the Togo’s down Prospect Road at Lawrence Expressway. It’s the same Togo’s feel only with better service.

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